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About ANN


Comes in two versions. Both game changing.

Public ANN

The FREE public version (what you're using right now) is the best way for ad agencies to stay informed today. It offers the most popular agency news aggregated from hundreds of top sites, then broken down into specific areas of interest, including: Agency Business, Digital, Social Media and recent Spots.

You can register for ANN and customize how the agency news is presented to you. Filter by Agency(s) and Brand(s), and prioritize which categories and topics are most relevant to you and your agency. ANN knows what people are really clicking on and promotes content based on our own proprietary "clickability" aggregation technology.

ANN Apps

When you move up to the Agency News Network suite, you get 4 powerful, web-based apps to help your ad agency run better. Together, they offer a complete set of social tools for today's most important agency needs.

  • Stimulate internal communication and collaboration with the only social networking solution designed for ad agencies.
  • Add social media tracking and analysis to your client capabilities.
  • Conduct internal creative reviews from anywhere with virtual war rooms.
  • Quickly build your own digital sample room for easy campaign archiving and retrieval.
  • Plus, add agency-wide instant messaging as an option.

To upgrade to the paid version of ANN, please visit here.


Designed and developed exclusively for the iPhone™ and iPod touch®

Agency News Network's iPhone app gives the entire advertising community the power to tap into our Agency News Aggregator on a mobile device

Agency News Network | iPhone App
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