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What is it? An optional add-on for the Howlr social networking app that provides enterprise-grade instant messaging for your ad agency.

  • Enterprise-strength IM. Chat is closed, secure and under the control of your IT infrastructure, so you know you can trust it.
  • A single IM platform for all. No issues with availability or multiple IM platforms that don't talk to each other, like AIM and MSN.
  • Easy to find addresses. Employees have convenient access to all other users in the agency.
Who needs it? Every ad agency struggling to be more efficient and competitive today, like the one in this video:
Agency News Network | Video Player
Agency News Network | Video Player



Mixing Facebook and work is bad. Mixing Facebook-style community-building and work is good.

Agency News Network | Video Player



Giving clients the social media insight they demand doesn't have to drive your agency over the edge.

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The creative war room just isn't what it used to be. See how to make your creative reviews better.

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Finding samples of work for an RFP can be like finding a needle in a haystack. We have a solution.

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